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February 24th Clinic DGTrials Instructional Clinics – The mother of all seat time
On February 24th DGTrials again held one of its famous instructional clinics / test days.  No other event around provides as much seat time for the dollar.  With two limited run groups of 10 cars each running a 3+ hour session, it is not uncommon for participants to leave, buy, mount, and balance tires, and return, still registering 50-80+ runs at the course.  DGTrials test days are the perfect opportunity for drivers to dial in changes, learn new tricks, and to just have a great time at a great price, guaranteed (That sounds familiar…).
DGTrials NOPI Drift Success
As some of you may have noticed, DGTrials instructors and staff are no stranger to motorsports competition.  Atlantic region president Jonathan “Marty” Martin and North East region president Dennis Mertzanis are both making an onslaught at the NOPI professional drift series.  Additionally, several frequent DGTrials participants like Jayitr Pratapuenyong, Jodin Lejeune, Blake Fuller, Damien Bagley, Ron Ewerth and others are all ripping it up in one of the fastest-growing national drifting competition series. 

Jonathan Martin, NOPINOPI Arizona saw Marty finishing in 7th place, with Dennis finishing 23rd.  Jayitr (Sammy), Blake, Damien, Ron, and Jodin all had top-16 finishes.  With over one-third of the top-16 field being DGTrials regulars, we definitely can’t complain.

NOPI Miami was another successful display of DGTrials’ prowess on the competition circuit.  Top-16 finishers included DGTrials’ regulars Erin Sanford, Harry Travola, Bill Sherman, Ron Ewerth, Caio Campos, Damien Bagley, Chelsea Denofa, and Jonathan Martin again.  Dennis Mertzanis was caught out of the sweet 16 by just a few points, slotting in at 17th qualifier.  Over 50% of the field at NOPI Miami were regular DGTrials attendees.  Jonathan Martin took a top-10 finish, and Florida region president Caio Campos finished an impressive 5th.

NOPI St. Louis continued to prove that DGTrials knows drifting.  Jonathan “Marty” Martin had his highest qualifying spot yet with 5th place, while Dennis Mertzanis put himself back on the map with a 10th place qualifying seat.  Over 80% of the St. Louis crowd have been DGTrials regulars at one point or another in their careers.  Notable finishers included DGTrials’ instructors Andy Sapp and Erin Sanford taking 3rd and 4th place on the day, respectively.

NOPI Denver was more of the same for DGTrials regulars, with over 50% of the qualifying field again being populated by our disciples.  Unfortunately, the Judges did not side with us completely, as “Marty” Martin found himself caught out of the top-16.  Notable finishes included Sammy from Tiger Racing taking an impressive 5th place overall.

NOPI Los Angeles, despite being completely across the country from DGTrials’ home base of operations in Atlanta, still saw some regular names take top qualifying spots.  Mechanical failures plagued Jon Martin and he found himself unable to participate in the top-16.  Notable finishers included grizzled DGTrials Florida region veteran, Bill Sherman, taking 4th place on the day.  Dennis Mertzanis took a brief break for the West Coast legs of NOPI but will be returning beginning with Pittsburgh.

For continued coverage of the NOPI onslaught, stay tuned to www.DGTrials.com and be on the lookout for DGTrials’ newsletters.
Tony Schulz, HIN Tampa BayHIN NightShift, Tampa Bay
DGTrials has a fond affection for the Tampa Bay area, being that it was the home to our first ever South East event.  We’ve had a long and storied history in the great state of Florida, and it seems to keep right on trucking.  Recently, DGTrials head instructor, Tony Schulz, participated in the HIN NightShift event, driving a Dunlop-sponsored S13 provided graciously by Julius from JadeCrew and DeepVision.  Tony has been working with Dunlop for several years and has participated as driving talent in several HIN NightShift events.  Atlanta region president Jonathan Martin also drove in several HIN NightShift events in 2006. 
Tandem Petitions
DGTrials has provided the ability for participants at events to practice tandem DGTrials’ 2007 drifting for years now.  However, as a driver, your ability to participate hinges on your ability to fill out (oh no!) some paperwork.  If you have the requisite safety gear, please be sure to submit a tandem petition to be considered for participation.  DGTrials will offer several forms of Tandem licensing in 2007, and more information will be available in the coming months.  The tandem petition is available on DGTrials forms page, at http://www.DGTrials.com/forms.php and the General Club Rules (GCR) is also present there.  The 2007 edition of the GCR is a little late in coming, but, rest assured, it will be available before 2009.
June 16th Southern Fried SlideJune 16th, Turner Field
June 16th marked yet another successful incarnation of DGTrials’ “Southern Fried Slide” series of Atlanta-based events.  With 50 drivers on hand and FormulaD, NOPI, and other top professional and amateur instructors available for skill improvement, this was one of DGTrials’ most successful events ever.  Drivers got plenty of seat time, onlookers had plenty to observe, and everyone went home happy.  This iteration of SFS also marked DGTrials’ first official tandem run group, signifying the emergence of both expertly skilled as well as sufficiently prepared drivers and vehicles in the region.  This is a big step for regional participants and we look for continued improvement and advancement from all involved.  For more information DGTrials’ upcoming events, please surf to http://www.DGTrials.com/events.php.

About DGTrials
DGTrials was founded in March 2003 to establish drifting and gymkhana as fun, accessible forms of motorsport that test driver skill and control. DGTrials is committed to safety and education; it strives to bring awareness and participation in drifting and gymkhana to the forefront of American motorsport and will always work to expand the sport while supporting the drivers that make drifting and gymkhana exciting to participate in and watch. For more information, please visit us at www.DGTrials.com.

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