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2007 season underway
DGTrials' 2007 season has begun with the posting of some of our Atlantic-region dates. February 24 th marks the official beginning of the season with another infamous DGTrials instructional clinic. For drivers wishing to get one-on-one attention from DGTrials' talented instructors, for beginners looking for a more private setting to get their feet wet or for people wanting to test and tune the changes they've made during the off-season, DGTrials' drifting clinics are just the ticket.
Atlanta to Atlantic – Making moves
Just because the racing season stops during the winter doesn't mean that progress has to as well. DGTrials has made some changes to the regional structure to accommodate new venues and new event types. The former Atlanta region will now be known as the Atlantic region, and its new president is Jonathan “Marty” Martin. Marty, one of our veteran instructors and a talented driver and competitor, has assumed the role of Atlantic region president and is eager to continue in the Atlanta region's successful traditions.
Re-Organization of an organization
DGTrials has made significant organizational changes for the 2007 season in an effort to streamline our operation. At a participant level, there really will be no overwhelming effect on the event experience. However, the redistribution of duties and creation of new staff positions will enable us to accomplish more and in less time. What does this mean? Better, safer and more fun events for drivers, participants and staff alike! How can someone argue with that? (OK, so maybe there will be some change, but does that sound too bad?)
Dennis Mertzanis will assume the role of North East region president. Dennis relocated to sunny Philadelphia during the 2006 season to continue in his mechanical engineering career path. While Atlanta was very sad to see him go, he is still very much a part of the DGTrials family for 2007 and will continue to serve you well.
Yancey Paslay is a new face to DGTrials, but not a new face to the motorsports community. After years of national-level autocross and track day experience, Yancey will come on board with DGTrials as our new VP of Membership and Licensing. DGTrials provides quality standards and regulations for its participants, and Yancey will be sure to continue our efforts to do so. Additionally, Yancey will be in charge of the new Track Drift License (TDL) program that has been created.
Despite all of the staff additions and expansion, there are still positions left unfilled. If you are interested in volunteering for an exciting, growing and interesting motorsports organization, now is your chance. Whether you want to be up close and personal with the cars at events or writing appendixes to rulebooks behind the scene, or just updating the DGTrials website with news and information, there are myriad ways to help. Just contact us!
DGTrials hits the road (course)
DGTrials has proudly established a relationship with Carolina Motorsports Park , allowing us to host several practice days there during the 2007 season. This partnership opens an opportunity for our more advanced drivers to get experience with the higher speeds associated with open-track drifting in the safe environment that CMP provides. Interested drivers will need to complete DGTrials' Tandem/Track petition which is available in the forms section of our website.
Have van, will travel
While DGTrials has classically maintained a fleet of race and show cars, DGTrials is now the proud owner of a 1998 E350 Club Wagon. This diesel van will enable DGTrials to deploy to events more easily, to travel farther distances at less cost than previously possible with rental equipment and can also provide the ability to tow some of the fleet to important shows and events where DGTrials' presence is demanded. It is also a fifteen-foot billboard, capable of proudly displaying the marketing partners and supporters that DGTrials works with. The van will also serve as the home of timing and scoring equipment for our upcoming gymkhana events.
Gymkhana – Cone Chaser Challenge (CCC)
DGTrials will host its first gymkhana event in the spring of 2007. Gymkhana is a different style of autocross which involves many “stunt” driving techniques such as J-turns, 360s, figure-8s, and other maneuvers. Courses are typically smaller in size than traditional autocross, but can be longer in length due to re-running several parts of the course multiple times. Course walking and map memorization are extremely important to success at a gymkhana, as well as mastering the various unique techniques used on-course. The lowest-powered car is not necessarily the underdog! For drivers who are interested in a more competitive environment, for drivers who are tired of traditional autocross or for people just looking for a new motorsport to become involved in, the Cone Chaser Challenge provides all the opportunity needed.
A different imported flavor
DGTrials, through its President, Erik Jacobs, has recently acquired a 1991 BMW 318i sedan. This vehicle will serve as another of DGTrials' fleet of show and race cars. With big (secret) plans for this vehicle, look for Erik to debut it during the 2007 season at various drift events around the country, potentially including the NOPI Professional Drift series, D1, and other events. No stranger to competition, Erik has completed several seasons in the Formula Drift series and participated in several D1 qualifiers.
An All Star Lineup
2007 will mark the debut of the DGTrials All Stars, a grouping of the most talented drivers, instructors and staff from all DGTrials regions. These drivers and their vehicles will be highlighted on the DGTrials website and in DGTrials' quarterly newsletters, and will be showcased at the various shows and exhibitions that DGTrials attends throughout the year. Do you have what it takes to be recognized as one of DGTrials' finest?
On-Line driver tracking database
While logbooks track a race car's history very well, typically a racer's resume does not do such a great job. Additionally, a racing resume can be difficult to maintain, is usually a boring list of items, and doesn't contain a lot of useful information. However, DGTrials aims to change all of that with its on-line driver tracking database. Over the winter, DGTrials compiled data from years worth of past events (where records could still be located) and put it into a database. Along with event information, DGTrials will also be storing some information about the driver, their car(s), what licenses they hold, and other important information. All together, this on-line database will serve as a living record of a driver's history with DGTrials. Additionally, drivers can refer their families, friends and sponsors (or potential sponsors) to these pages to help them along their journeys in motorsports. Look for this exciting portion of the DGTrials website to debut in the first quarter of 2007

About DGTrials
DGTrials was founded in March 2003 to establish drifting and gymkhana as fun, accessible forms of motorsport that test driver skill and control. DGTrials is committed to safety and education; it strives to bring awareness and participation in drifting and gymkhana to the forefront of American motorsport and will always work to expand the sport while supporting the drivers that make drifting and gymkhana exciting to participate in and watch. For more information, please visit us at www.DGTrials.com.

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