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Vive le DGTrials! – A revolution, with SportsCar Revolution and Skip Barber

Sebring, F.L. – February 2 – It's not every day that world leaders come together to slide cars around, have a good time, and make good TV. In fact, usually, the only time world leaders are sliding cars around is when they are being chased by the bad guys. Fortunately for SportsCar Revolution, Skip Barber Racing Schools, and DGTrials, there were no bad guys. Except for the ones in the show, that is.

Take DGTrials, a leader in motorsports, specifically drifting, combined with Skip Barber, a leader in driver education, together with SportsCar Revolution, a leader in modern sporting car television programming, and you pack one hell of a punch on creating educational programming about the sport of drifting. And what better place than Sebring, home to the famous 12-hour enduro, Skip Barber schools, Panoz schools, and a host of other racing history and figures. Why not make history at a place with lots of history? Why not, indeed.

“This will be our first time appearing on television,” said DGTrials President/CEO Erik Jacobs. “The amount of media exposure that this show will bring for DGTrials will simply be immeasurable. Nothing we've done before stacks up to this. To have this be filmed right in our own backyard is also a great thing.”

The portions of this show that these three innovators filmed together will air on the Speed Channel April 9th , April 16th , April 23rd , and April 30th . These shows will be segments appearing within the SportsCar Revolution half hour slot. Each show will appear several times throughout the week of first airing. The first episode of the season containing the drifting car buildup aired on February 26th .

SportsCar Revolution – http://www.SportsCarRevolution.com
Skip Barber Racing Schools – http://www.SkipBarber.com
Speed Channel – www.speedtv.com

About DGTrials:
DGTrials was founded in March 2003 to establish drifting and gymkhana as fun, accessible forms of motorsport that test driver skill and control. DGTrials is committed to safety and education; it strives to bring awareness and participation in drifting and gymkhana to the forefront of American motorsport and will always work to expand the sport while supporting the drivers that make drifting and gymkhana exciting to participate in and watch. For more information, please visit our about page.

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