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DGTrials Drift Challenge presented by Maxxis
Round 2, D-Day at the Ocala Gran Prix

Atlanta, GA – October 21, 2006 – After what seemed like an eternity, the long hiatus from Ocala events was broken bringing DGTrials back to this quaint little karting track for Round 2 of the DGTrials Drift Challenge presented by Maxxis. 47 competitors came from all over Florida and from as far away as Tennessee to participate in the second round of the East Coast's first true regional amateur drifting championship series.

Ocala 's large sweeper and moderate-speed chicane are a welcome sight for eyes sore from many parking lot events, however the technical combination of corners always proves too much for some. Several bumpers, front lip spoilers, and even a few de-beaded tires were on order for the day's practice sessions.

Qualifying left people wondering just who would make it through to the great eight, but a few shining stars brightly illuminated the judge’s score sheets, proving that they had the mettle and the talent to master Ocala’s famed corners. With Adam Breton, Dan Willie, and Erin Sanford's absences from this second round of competition, it was unsure whether or not the few Atlanta drivers making the trip would be able to reign supreme over Florida's native populous. However, Jon "Marty" Martin and Sam from Tiger Racing proved that Atlanta did have what it takes to make two top-8 spots.

Jonathan took top honors on the day, taking the lead in the points championship. With essentially a tie for second, third and fourth places between Charles Thompson, Jason Jiovani, and Andrew Carroll, respectively, and less than ten points separating the entire top-8, DGTrials again showed that it knows how to make for some exciting competition.

In a splitting-hairs decision for second place, a highest-score tie between Charles Thompson and Andrew Carroll resulted in the second place spot being awarded to Charles Thompson in his Z31– by only one point (31, 31 to 31, 30). Drifting involves a best-run score system for qualifying and singles competition. However, in the case of a tie, consistency wins out, as the highest next-run score clinches the spot.

In another splitting-hairs decision, both Andrew Carroll and Jason Jiovani had the exact same scores (31, 30 to 30, 31). Removing the most subjective points from the judgment (style), Jason Jiovani squeaked ahead with his 20, 20 to Andrew’s 19, 19. To say that this was a barn burner would be the understatement of the century.

For his first place finish on Maxxis tires, Jon will be the proud recipient of a $750 contingency award, with a total purse of $1500 available in contingency awards for Drift Challenge participants.

Erik Jacobs, DGTrials President and CEO said, “It was a great thing to have our most fiercely competitive and most exciting event at a facility that we have such a long-standing relationship with. The DGTrials Drift Challenge presented by Maxxis is truly proving to be a one-of-a-kind series for Amateur competitors from all over the South East.”

Season points and results are available on DGTrials website at www.DGTrials.com

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