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DGTrials D-Day Invasion 6 – Broken cars, Broken hearts, Mended dreams

Ocala, F.L. – April 30 th – Scientists have not yet discovered the source of the disease which causes people to want to be out in the hot sun, humidity, and hell that is most of Florida (even in April). But, I have a feeling that it definitely has something to do with wheels. Or boobs. It's been said anything with either will make you cry.

Another typically well-stocked DGTrials event, complete with 250+ spectators and another live-feed on local radio, occurred that weekend in Florida, and all the usual suspects were present. Drifting professionals Tony Schulz and Erik Jacobs of Finishline Motorsports/Toyo Tires were on-hand to offer their valuable instructive talents, as well as recently “made” professionals, Matt Vassalo and Rob Flemming of Enjuku Racing fame.

It appears that the East Coast is proving to be quite the proving ground, as DGTrials proves the value of its events time and time again. Where else are you going to receive instruction from several drifting professionals at such a beautiful facility next to such a nice flea market with such tasty hamburgers?

“DGTrials is building tomorrow's professionals here in the SouthEast,” said Jacobs, DGTrials President/CEO. “There are so many guys and girls getting good out here that we are having to restructure and reorganize our events a little bit.”

Regional President Kyle Campos suggested that “we might have to begin holding advanced driver days and separating our schedule. We ran an advanced group for the second time now and it is working out very well.”

California better look out. Their flea markets don't stand a chance.

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