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DGTrials' Drift Challenge presented by Maxxis

, GA – April 2, 2006 – DGTrials announced today that it will be hosting an East Coast-based regional drifting championship series for amateur competitors. Presented by Maxxis, an Atlanta-based tire manufacturer producing high-quality tires in many categories, the Drift Challenge is the first true regional drifting championship series of its kind.

“The Drift Challenge was developed for amateurs specifically – it is geared towards their financial abilities, their driving abilities, and to present competition at a level in between what is currently available at the grassroots and professional levels,” Erik Jacobs, President and CEO of DGTrials reported. “By providing an affordable competition outlet for drivers seeking to advance their careers in drifting, and by rewarding these competitors with strong contingency prize programs, the Drift Challenge will help to attract the top echelon of amateur competitors who might not have been able to make a successful run at the professional level.”

Maxxis has been involved in emerging motorsports for many years, in arenas like the X-Games via their bicycle tire division, in super motard, motorcycle, and ATV racing, and, most notably, off-road competition. Maxxis' addition of drifting to their family of motorsports programs only shows their continued support for amateur and professional competitors.

Mike DePetro, Marketing Coordinator for Maxxis, proclaims, “Maxxis is proud to be involved in the grassroots efforts of the Drift Challenge. It provides a safe and competitive environment for drifters to hone their skills and to learn to compete at the next level. In addition to sponsoring the series, we are also glad to offer a contingency program to help competitors recoup some of the costs associated with an expensive motorsport.”

In addition to being a presenting partner of the DGTrials' Drift Challenge, Maxxis will also be providing a strong contingency pay-out program for drivers equipped with Maxxis tires. Up to $1500 in pay-outs is available for Maxxis-shod competitors finishing in the top five, with a win fetching $750. Maxxis and DGTrials are planning for special competitor pricing on tires for Drift Challenge competitors, and interested drivers should contact DGTrials for more information.

According to DGTrials, the Drift Challenge dates and rulebook will be available in the coming weeks, but four rounds are planned for the East Coast-based championship between April and September, arranged to support both DGTrials' own events as well as other groups' practices. The first round will be held on May 6 th at Atlanta Motor Speedway in the Champions' lot.

Combined with the addition of an advanced tandem practice group, DGTrials has created one of the most complete ladders to reaching the professional ranks of drifting in the USA so far.

About Maxxis
For over 38 years, original equipment and aftermarket customers have known that they can count on Maxxis for the highest quality tires, in categories including automobile, light truck, motorcycle, ATV, bicycle, race kart, trailer and lawn & garden. And our VIP Technology (Virtual Intelligent Prototyping), a process developed by Maxxis, ensures that our products continue to evolve, remaining the best in quality and performance. Starting with a company-wide quality control program, the Maxxis quest for excellence extends to the materials we use, the best available technology, and outstanding customer service. Maxxis has its U.S. headquarters in Suwanee , Georgia , with other U.S. facilities in California and Texas . Internationally, Maxxis has facilities in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Japan, Germany, and Canada. Worldwide, Maxxis employs more than 15,000 people, with distribution in over 130 countries.

About DGTrials
DGTrials was founded in March 2003 to establish drifting and gymkhana as fun, accessible forms of motorsport that test driver skill and control. DGTrials is committed to safety and education; it strives to bring awareness and participation in drifting and gymkhana to the forefront of American motorsport and will always work to expand the sport while supporting the drivers that make drifting and gymkhana exciting to participate in and watch. For more information, please visit our about page.

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