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DGTrials Southern Fried Slide 2 – Too much (fixins) is never enough!

Atlanta, G.A. – May 14 th – What is it about overindulgence that feels so good? Is it that you think you're being naughty? Is it something hormonal? Or is it just a chemical reaction from inhaling too much incinerated tire particles. Who cares, when you get this much track time?

Building upon the success of its season-closing event in December of 2004, DGTrials hosted another Southern Fried slide-fest in Atlanta. “Atlanta is a strong region and there is a lot of local talent,” said Regional President Dennis Mertzanis. “We're also starting to see a lot of people make trips from farther away to come and participate. Hopefully this can give us direction on where to expand.”

And expand they must, as there was a line of people trying to sign up at the gate for the over-booked drifting practice. And, while a few sad souls had to be turned away, 40 drivers hit the pavement for a full day of beautiful South East weather and sliding. In typical DGTrials fashion, several regional professionals were present for instruction and assistance. Seemingly permanently borrowed instructors Tony Schulz and Erik Jacobs were on hand (Finishline Motorsports/Toyo Tires), and some local teams making their debuts also managed to get in some practice time, including Atlanta's Batlground Engineering and D'Vanz Motorsports from North Carolina.

And if it weren't enough that DG events are fun for drivers and spectators alike, they are fun for industry, too. “A tire company approached us and asked if we would provide some feedback on a product,” said DGTrials Special Events Coordinator, Eugene Chou. “We are always happy to provide an outlet for industry to product test. We understand this is a new sport and there is no better way to figure out if something works than real-world testing.”

It seems that this meal was complete with all the trimmings – a well orchestrated multi-course delight. Now, for dessert!




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