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DGTrials Southern Fried Slide 3 – A midsummer day's cookout…

Atlanta, G.A. – July 23 rd – DGTrials Southern Fried Slide 3 presented a great opportunity to bring out the big 3. Third gear, that is. With more FormulaD participants on hand than you could shake a stick at, the third chapter in the Southern Fried story involved a lot of high speed entry, a lot of quality instruction, a lot of spectators, and, most of all, a lot of sweat.

40+ drivers again converged on the parking lot at Turner Field to brave the 105+ degree heat index, all for the sake of incinerating tires. Tony Schulz and DGTrials President/CEO Erik Jacobs (Finishline Motorsports), Jonathan Martin (R-Speed), and Andy Sapp (Dunlop) were all on hand to provide driver instruction, and some fun demonstrations for the spectators.

“I'm glad that we figured out a good high speed course at this venue,” Jacobs was quoted as saying. “Being able to provide quality practice for both our local professionals as well as being able to introduce the newcomers to some of the high speeds that they will find in the competitive environment really is invaluable.”

Well, some people must value it, as over 250 of them were on hand to witness drivers from ‘far away' places like Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida out on the hot pavement. “We are starting to see people come from farther and farther away,” said Dennis Mertzanis, the DGTrials regional representative. Eugene Chou, DGTrials Special Events Coordinator, said, “It is a good sign that our name is spreading. People are learning that we throw good events for a good price at good venues, so they're willing to take a trip to come play with us.”

One can't argue. For the third time in a row, Southern Fried Slide was a sold out buffet of all-you-can-scarf drifting. Thankfully, there's only one more event left this season. How much more can people take in before they bust?

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