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XM Radio sponsors the DGTrials Drift Challenge Presented by Maxxis

, GA April 29, 2006 DGTrials announced today that it has made an agreement with XM Radio, a leading provider of satellite radio entertainment and other satellite radio service, for their sponsorship of the DGTrials Drift Challenge Presented by Maxxis. XM has donated several RoadyXT receivers, for use in car and/or home, to give to winners and to raffle amongst competitors.

"The relationship with XM [Radio] is a logical one," quoted Jacobs, DGTrials' President and CEO. "Our participants come from hours and hours away. Many of them are starting to arrive with tow vehicles and enclosed trailers. When driving long distances on back roads, the choice of radio programming is not always the best. XM Radio helps to provide these drivers with entertainment, as well as other services like traffic reports and weather."

DGTrials will be offering up 10 units with a complimentary year of service in its first round of the Drift Challenge, taking place on May 6 th at Atlanta Motor Speedway. For more details, see www.DGTrials.com

About XM
XM Satellite Radio Inc., an emerging force in broadcasting, was incorporated in 1992 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. XM's founding was prompted by the radio industry's first major technological change since the popularization of FM radio in the 1970s: the creation of a third broadcast medium, transmitted by satellite, now taking its place alongside AM and FM on the radio dial. One of only two companies with a license for this new national audio service, XM has assembled a "dream team" of creative radio professionals and a management team committed to leading the world into the next generation of radio. XM's 2006 lineup includes more than 170 digital channels of choice from coast to coast: the most commercial-free music channels, plus premier sports, talk, comedy, children's and entertainment programming; and 21 channels of the most advanced traffic and weather information.

About DGTrials
DGTrials was founded in March 2003 to establish drifting and gymkhana as fun, accessible forms of motorsport that test driver skill and control. DGTrials is committed to safety and education; it strives to bring awareness and participation in drifting and gymkhana to the forefront of American motorsport and will always work to expand the sport while supporting the drivers that make drifting and gymkhana exciting to participate in and watch. For more information, please visit us at www.DGTrials.com.

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