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Tampa Bay Invasion, D-Day Pt. 3 - Ocala Gran Prix

Ocala, F.L. – September 25 – DGTrials has yet again raised the bar for drifting events in Florida and on the East Coast at the “Tampa Bay Invasion, D-Day Part 3.” Held at the Ocala Gran Prix karting track, tucked neatly behind what appears to be the world’s biggest flea market, OGP has now added drifting to the various forms of motorsport they already host at their facility. The immaculate surface and curvaceous layout of OGP provided for some excellent full sideways action.

More than 50 drivers made the trip to OGP for this practice event, predominantly from nearby Tampa and Orlando, but others from as far away as Atlanta. Although some wound up sharing cars due to various mechanical difficulties, the final driver turnout of 53 set a new attendance record for both DGTrials’ Florida events and for Florida drifting as well.

A wonderfully hospitable staff, good weather throughout the day, a good track layout, and a typically relaxed DGTrials atmosphere all combined to produce an excellent event. Several local shops and drifting “teams” were in attendance. One of the days’ highlights was the presence of Red Bull, offering both some attractive young women and their famous beverages (only one for consumption).

Track time was, unfortunately, cut short due to the arrival of Hurricane Jeanne, but spirits remained high and the desire for another event in the near future was readily apparent. DGTrials’ regional president, Kyle Campos, said that “[DGTrials] intends to have another event here in the near future. This is a wonderful venue and we were pleased with the way the event ran and with the turnout despite the impending terrible weather. It was unfortunate that we had to cut the event short, but we will hopefully get a lot more out of OGP next time, as long as there are no pesky hurricainces.”

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