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DGTrials D-Day Invasion 4 – Record Breaking Attendance Breaks Attendance Records

Ocala, F.L. – November 20 – In yet another record-breaking event, DGTrials returned to the land of Ocala to again tempt fate and quell the wicked witch of the grip. DGTrials first sell-out event was held once more at what is rapidly becoming our second-most frequented venue, the wonderful Ocala Gran Prix. This central-Florida semi-tropical (or mildly warm, depending on when you attend) facility is a nice break from the weather that occupies most of DGTrials territories at this time of year.

In addition to the full 40-driver field and approximately 250 spectators that attended, on hand for this iteration of the somewhat inappropriately-named “D-Day Invasion” series of events were not one but two nationally-acclaimed “professional” drifters, Team Toyo/Finishline Motorsports/Zoom Clutch/Aero Turbine drivers Tony Schulz and Erik Jacobs (President/CEO of DGTrials). Schulz and Jacobs were present for both driver instruction and to offer some fancy-pants driving exhibition to those spectators who decided to brave the intolerable early-winter central-Florida weather and join in the festivities.

“It was my second time [here]”, said Tony Schultz, “and I enjoyed it more than the first time. I'm looking forward to next event.” When asked about his thoughts on the facility, Schultz commented that “It's a pretty good track to learn at, to go from being a beginning drifter to an intermediate drifter, and it also has elements for a more advanced driver.”

When asked, the enthusiastic group of drivers replied with a resounding “Yes!” that they would love to come back again to Florida's premiere karting facility. Not being in the disappointment- or upset-business, DGTrials answered with what the masses asked for. You can join them all again at the Ocala Gran Prix this coming December 18 th .

Ocala Gran Prix – www.OcalaGranPrix.com – (352)690-7223

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