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DGTrials D-Day Go MAX Revolution – The Battle Subsides

Ocala, F.L. – December 20 – In what some DGTrials staff members might consider “the year that might never end,” a war began waging in the once Spanish territory of Florida. No, this war was not a fight between the Spaniards and the Americans, nor was it a race to see who would “oprima el numero dos” first. It was barely even an altercation, really. It was just a bunch of crazy kids who came to drift several times in the same place.

I digress.

DGTrials last event of the 2004 season was another return to our favorite Florida locale – Ocala. It's not so much that the people there are wonderful, or that the restaurants are amazing, or even that the flea market sells used Snap-On tools for $1. It's just that the track is great, the staff is great, and Florida is a pretty nice place to be in the middle of December.

This was, by far, one of DGTrials most laid-back events ever. Between Christmas approaching, a number of other events recently, a large number of participant car failures pre-event, and a multitude of other factors, the driver count fell below the 30-mark for the first time this season. This, however, was a blessing in disguise. The low car count enabled DGTrials to try out some new configurations of the track, some new methods for running cars on it, and, generally, to just have a nice relaxed time.

“I think that we learned a lot today, and we didn't have to worry so much about making organizational mistakes because there weren't a lot of [drivers] here,” said Florida-region president Kyle Campos. “We got here early, we started earlier, and we left.”

A good number of spectators were present, as usual. The people count was additionally enhanced by local radio station 100.5 “The Buzz” doing a live feed and broadcast from the Ocala Gran Prix on event-day and having aired spots during the prior weeks on top of that. The rock music enhanced the already laid-back attitude at the event – I wonder if The Killers were breaking their back just to know DGTrials' name.

In all, DGTrials last event of 2004 was a fine culmination to the never-ending saga that was their season. If 2005 will be like this past year, there will be many sleepless nights, marathon drives, terrible meals, bathroom breaks, kids dropped off at the pool, karaoke bars, delighted hotel staff, huge bar tabs, and simply amazing gatherings of good people in good places having good times – all experiences you should have first-hand. Stay tuned to DGTrials website, www.DGTrials.com , for more information on their 2005 events as their schedule unfolds.

Ocala Gran Prix – www.OcalaGranPrix.com – (352)690-7223


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