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DGTrials Civil War - Ripken Stadium, Aberdeen

Aberdeen, M.D. – October 17 – DGTrials carved another notch on its proverbial staff this past weekend at their inaugural “Civil War” evnt, held at the Ripken Stadium, home of the Aberdeen Ironbirds baseball team. Nestled outside of metro-Baltimore, this quiet field of dreams and lawns was ignited with the sounds of tires, cheers and jeers. The young facility provided beautiful pavement, a large expanse with which to build a course, and a friendly and courteous staff who found another, wheeled, sport that they can offer a home.

Approximately 50 drivers attended the War, with the majority of the field comprised of Drift Out Wednesday and Drift Out Friday regulars (the meat and potatoes of DGTrials’ northern events). Some braves souls from the heart of the ex-Confederacy made the trek out of Atlanta, though, and were greeted with a wonderfully rambunctious crowd and an equally rambunctious event staff. “The DG[Trials] northern crew is somewhat of an interesting group of fellows…” President/CEO Erik Jacobs, also a Professional FormulaD competitor, was quoted as saying. “You really never know what surprise they are going to have in store.”

And surprises there were, as more than 600 spectators were in attendance to watch the final round of DGTrials’ amateur competition series, the Sideways Salvation Series. Other surprises were appearances by two other FormulaD competitors – Top 10 finisher Vaughn “JR” Gittin and Jacobs’ Team Toyo partner, Tony Schulz. Gittin and Schulz were on hand to offer instruction to novices and advanced drivers alike. They also served as the SSS competition judges on the day.

Some early morning confusion clouds burned off by noon, and the day ran rather smoothly. Participants received an ample amount of track time, but more could definitely be found. “This was our first event here in Maryland,” said DGTrials’ course designer on the day, Michael Edwards. “We arrived to find some drainage grates and light poles in places we hadn’t expected, but we built a solid and safe course for both drivers and spectators.”

And solidly competitive, too. The SSS round paired 50 to 16, 16 to 4 (due to time constraints), and then chose the top 3. Matt from Import Intelligence taking third, Nathan Brasz of impromptu drift team “Lookout! Drift” taking second, and the (locally to DGTrials) infamous “New Hampshire” Justin Tuerck, taking home the top honor (and also the fattest check from Advanced Clutch Technologies, the series “title” sponsor).

DGTrials COO Ricahrd Moussa informed that, “Special thanks goes to Brian from MA-Motorsports – he helped a good bit with local promotion and was the one who initially suggested this venue. No one expccted this kind of turn-out. We always expect a lot of people to show up for our events, but this was nuts. I guess our ghettofied underground advertising methods worked.”

We guess so, too – Civil War used up almost all of the available parking at the stadium.

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