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RS-R Drift Festival - Route 66 Speedway, Chicago

JOLIET, I.L. – October 26, 2004 – Team DGTrials made a strong showing this past weekend at the RS-R Drift Festival in Illinois. Despite some last minute problems with the bodywork on the DGTrials’ Slide or Die S14, DGTrials’ President/CEO Erik Jacobs was able to perform admirably during the morning and afternoon practice sessions. Several failures and crashes amongst the other competitors in the “professional” class narrowed the qualifying field to eight people, including East Coast notable Tony Schulz, and regular American drifting competitors including Ken Gushi, Daijiro Yoshihara, and Benson Hsu.

Jacobs was able to qualify 7th while managing some minor mechanical gremlins in the S14. Initially paired up against Dai Yoshihara and the Pacific Rim S13, Jacobs and Dai ran several close runs, but Jacobs fell victim to the slightly more powerful PacRim entry.

“The Yokohama Tires worked great, as usual,” said Jacobs. “Even though this is a DGTrials’ car, I don’t have much experience behind the wheel with this particular one. We’re still trying to sort out alignment, shock settings, tire pressures, whatever. It’s like learning to drift all over again. I guess I’m happy with the final results, but sometimes I really don’t know about the judging of these things,” Jacobs was also quoted as saying.

Jacobs also requested that “special thanks go to Ken Gushi and Mr. Gushi from the Gushi Auto team for offering their assistance in the pit and paddock!”

Happy or not, final unofficial results placed Jacobs in 7th overall, with Ken Gushi, Dai Yoshihara, and Benson Hsu taking the top three spots, respectively. Approximately 3,000 spectators were present to watch both the Professional and Amateur competitions, and the level of enthusiasm and excitement remained high throughout the day.

Based on the success of this event, DGTrials has indicated its intentions to return. Next time, though, as an event organizer. “This was a really good turnout despite being almost an hour outside of Chicago,” said CFO/COO Rich Moussa. “I’m not sure how many of the drivers would come back again for just a regular practice day, but it doesn’t seem like there are many events here, so we would like to come back and see how we can do.”

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