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DGTrials Southern Fried Slide – DGTrials Gets Their Fingers Moist in the “Durty-Durty”

Atlanta, G.A. – December 4 – DGTrials is in the habit of being first at things. They were first in the North East. They were first in Florida. They were first in Maryland. Now, DGTrials is the first to bring it to the Durty-Durty – Atlanta, Georgia. DGTrials fried it up southern-style this past December 4 th at Turner Field in downtown Atlanta in a makeshift winter-drift-independence-day. Independence from the authorities, that is.

“We started doing this in 2003 for the same reason that we're doing it today. No one else was giving us a place to enjoy our sport so we had to find it for ourselves. The right way, and the legal way,” said DGTrials President and CEO Erik Jacobs, who was in attendance to chase cones and knock a few over. It seems, somehow, that right and legal all add up to fun, because that's all that anyone had here in Atlanta. 36 lucky drivers and 200+ onlookers were present for the deep-South's first drifting practice day.

Team Toyo/Finishline Motorsports/Zoom Clutch/Aero Turbine drivers Tony Schulz and Erik Jacobs were again present for driver instruction and exhibition runs. Jacobs was able to pilot both the Yokohama/Advanced Clutch/ATS Slide or Die S13 as well as his Toyo ride thanks to the continual hard work of both the Atlanta regional president Dennis Mertzanis and DGTrials Special Events Coordinator Eugene Chou. “This car wouldn't be as great as it is without their help, and help from lots of other guys (and gals) in the Atlanta area.”

“I think things will go well here [in 2005].” Mertzanis was quoted as saying. “Atlanta has a big car scene and lots of enthusiasm. 2005 will be a very good season.” And so it shall – Turner Field is centrally located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, is a large and spacious venue, and will hopefully be the home of DGTrials' future Atlanta-based events.

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DGTrials was founded in March 2003 to establish drifting and gymkhana as fun, accessible forms of motorsport that test driver skill and control. DGTrials is committed to safety and education; it strives to bring awareness and participation in drifting and gymkhana to the forefront of American motorsport and will always work to expand the sport while supporting the drivers that make drifting and gymkhana exciting to participate in and watch. For more information, please visit our about page.

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